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Introducing the NEW

Called “Rideable Revolution” by

Popular Mechanics – March 2018!

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Why Choose Mudslinger?

  • Only 10Kg total weight, this E-Scooter is lightweight and flexible

  • The 100kg weight capacity makes this awesome scooter great for both children and adults

  • An 8800Mah Lithium Battery allows for a long battery life giving you more ride-time

  • Powerful brushless 350W motor allows for travel distance of up to 25Km per charge and speeds of up to 30Km/h

  • Regenerative braking and lever acceleration makes for easy speed control and longer lasting battery time

  • Works fantastically on all hard surfaces, including dirt roads, short grass and fine gravel

  • Can handle uneven ground with slope of 25°, step of <1cm and ditch <2cm

  • Simple fold-up system allows for easy storage and travel