5 Great Reasons Why You Should Own a MUDSLINGER E-SCOOTER


The Mudslinger Electric Scooter is the newest, most innovative in electric scooter technology to hit the South African market. Called “Rideable Revolution” by Popular Mechanics, this electric scooter is packed with power and awesome features which makes it the perfect “zoot-about” device.

Here are 5 Great Reasons why you should own a Mudslinger E-Scooter:

  1. Light Weight with Incredible Weight Capacity

    Unlike most other electric scooters in South Africa, The Mudslinger E-Scooter can comfortable handle a weight capacity of 100Kg, making it a great means of short-distance transportation for adults. It also weighs only 10Kg in total meaning young children, age 10+, can easily carry, use and maneuver the Mudslinger E-Scooter. These 2 features make this the first electric scooter in South Africa to be suitable for adults and children alike!

  2. Powerful Motor with Long-Lasting Battery

    The Mudslinger E-Scooter comes packed with power, using a 350 watt brushless motor, meaning you can easily gain speeds of 30 km/hr on flat surfaces. The Lithium-Ion battery allows for longer-distance travel time, comfortably travelling distances of up to 25Km, making this a great device to travel to close-by offices, shops, friends, or just get out into the open fresh air.

  3. Not Just City Life Transport

    Whether you live in the city with paved roads, walkways and parks or in a small suburb with grass-walkways and parks, whether you are at home or camping on holiday; the Mudslinger E-Scooter is the perfect travel device as it is designed to work well on all types of hard surface, from tarred roads to gravel roads, from paved walkways to lush grass gardens.

  4. Easy Fold-up Storage & Quick Charge Time

    The Mudslinger E-Scooter folds up easily meaning you can take your E-Scooter with you on holiday or if you use it to travel to work / school / university; can keep it safely next to your desk until you’re ready to travel home again. The E-Scooter  has an average charge time of 3-4 hours, meaning while you are working at your desk or enjoying coffee with friends, the E-Scooter can safely charge to full battery again allowing for a smooth ride home.

  5. Save on Transport Costs

    Transport costs in South Africa are at an all-time high. The Mudslinger E-Scooter’s long travel distance ability, powerful motor and quick charge time means it is the perfect device to use for all short-distance travel, saving you costs on petrol / diesel / taxi hire / cab rides and more…

Get your Mudslinger E-Scooter from your local Sportsman’s Warehouse today or contact us for more on info on info@mudslinger.co.za or 067 021 1814


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